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create playful and immersive experiences with a gamified lens.

Hey! I'm Sichen 


a Product Designer 


AR Web Exhibits
User Experience - User Research- UI Visual Design

An internship for building a collaborative augmented reality project for KPMG Ignition


Telehealth App Service
User Experience - User Research- Visual Design

An online telehealth app build for minorities for equal healthcare service by living in United States


Authorizing Tool

User Experience - User Research- Visual Design - Client Project

A 3D patient avatar builder for medical professionals to practice specific medical cases

Research- Visual Design- Model Building- Rendering

A habitat design for 60 days missions to Mars. The project includes research of the current NASA system, designing the inner spaces, and building and rendering the habitat.

VR Experience - Modeling - Unity Coding - Story Writing

What is it like being a doll in the crane machine? Partner up with a friend and escape this doll world. 

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