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Welcome to the world of claw crane machine 

Time:  4 weeks    

Topic: Interactive VR/ MR game design

Professor: Mattia Casalegno

Software: Unity, Google Blocks, Tiltbrush, Java Script, HTC vive

Course Description: Utilize creative possibilities to create design solutions, and learn to use VR related professional tools.

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World Setting

the world itself

World setting

How to play

This is the world of dolls. You are stuck in this crane machine world, and waiting for someone to help you escape

Partner up with a friend. Player 1 wears VR headset and becomes one of the dolls who gives directions to Player 2. Player 2 controls the claw and uses a screen that stimulates the crane machine

The inspiration for this project is my childhood memories of the “claw” machine. I wondered how the dolls inside the machines felt as they were unable to do anything but watch their fate being decided by others.

Screen Recording 2021-03-13 at 7.25.24 P

I created this low- poly world using Tilt Brush and Google Blocks. The tumbler-shaped characters are scattered around, each with its unique actions

Daruma (Traditional Japanese dolls)


​By using CSS and pre-existing codes, we were able to add grabbing, and dancing actions to the characters. We also designated some characters as untouchable.

THe big day

unmute me

 I wanted players to experience the same feeling of being controlled by another without any power to change the world they are in, a reflection of potential problems in our society today. The dolls inside the machine have their own world just like ours, but being helpless, they can only wait for someone to take them out of the world. The experience is a collaboration between two players with one as the doll who cannot move but can only look around, waiting to be taken out by the other player who controls the machine. When the players complete this experience, the dolls finally fly out into a completely different, unknown world.


1. It would be better if Player 1 can also join the game and explore the world inside. Right now, Player 1 does not have a headset.

2. Allow Player 2 to walk around inside the machine

3. Include different levels of difficulty to the game.

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