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Time:  4 weeks

Location: RISD

Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Moter, Rope

Professor: Paula Gaetano Adi

This project creates a mindless machine that runs out its life as a comparison to workers who follow the same orders doing simple tasks everyday for the entirety of their lives. The automatic drawing machine is made by hand, showing that the mindlessness of laborers is created by the identities controlling them and using them as simple tools for endless tasks. By using various materials like thick aluminum plates and brass tubes, I designed the machine to follow a constant turning motion to repeatedly draw circles. However, due to the organic nature of the setup, we get slightly different outcomes even though all it does is draw circles. This is to demonstrate that, as different humans, we are not robots but organic beings; each of us can bring out something unique and different even though the tasks are fundamentally the same.

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