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Project Overview

Elsa - The Telehealth App for Minorities

A Telehealth app that is friendly for the minorities living in the United States. Convenient for minorities to access healthcare support and customizable preferences for choosing their appointments.


4 Weeks

Project Type 

School project


Sichen Huo - Product Designer
Xinyi He - Product Designer

My Role

User Persona, User Flow, Market Research, UIUX

Wha is it?

Project Background 

In the pandemic of 2021, we noticed that minorities in the United States such as Black, Indigenous, and Latino Americans have a COVID-19 death rate 2.7 times more than White Americans, who experience the lowest age-adjusted rates.

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Telemedicine has become an innovative approach to bridging the healthcare delivery gap suffered by medically underserved communities. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of telehealth increased significantly among minorities.

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Market Research 

What are some issues with the current Telehealth apps?

Through detailed competitor research, we found that most telehealth apps in 2019 are inconvenient to use and have unattractive user interfaces. We are unable to see reliable reviews for the doctors and as a user, it felt unsafe to keep personal information with those apps.


Pain Points and Solutions

🔴 Lack of supportive and instinctive professional feedback

🟢 Friendly AI bot that provides quick access to appointments and checks in with users

🔴 Lack of convenient and customizable appointments

🟢 Users can choose their ideal doctors based on preferences

🔴 Lack of knowledge in digital literacy and communication among similar communities

🟢 A self-care knowledge community to improve disparities

Our Goal

How might we create a Telehealth app that is friendly for minorities to use through the way of ensuring a level of trust with users and raising their health awareness? 

Project Goal
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Your Personal Health Assistant 

- Save personal preferences
- Help to book appointments & check-in
- Quick and accessible anytime 

Personalized preferences of Trustworthy doctors

- Choose your ideal practitioner
- See what others say about them
- Book within 5 simple steps


Secured and easy appointments doctors

- Video recordings and documents
- Secured payments
- Digital paper files that are super easy to access during appointments

Screen-Recording-2020-12-23-at-1 copy 2.
Asset 13@4x.png

Community &
Gain Self-care knowledge

- Quick way to learn about health facts
- Make friends within the same community

- Follow the most updated health trends

Process & Analysis

Design Process

Asset 18_4x.png


Target User Persona

Due to COVID-19, we could not get many users for the interview but we concluded three main pain points and needs. We ask each interviewee to talk about their experience with physical clinics and their stories of living in the United States.


Name: Alyssa
Age: 35
Occupation: Realtor

Citizenship: Latino American

Pain Points:

  • Wishes to talk to doctors who are more friendly or speak the same language and hopes for more attention

  • Dislike going into physical clinics and having all paper files in hand

  • Not familiar with current healthcare trends and issues in her community due to loads of work


  • Ability to choose doctors based on personal preferences

  • Trustworthy and user-friendly Telehealth kind app that contains all paper files, insurance, and personal information

  • A quick way of getting to know about current health trends


​User Journey Map and Design Opportunities 

We tried walking through our user’s internal thoughts when feeling sick and what we could help with during each stages.

Detailed Research

​Wireframing & Ideation

​User Journey Map and Design Opportunities 

Asset 21_4x.png

User Testing and Result Analysis


I am feeling sick and don't feel like walking to a clinic

Step 1. Enter health insurance policy number for pricing
Step 2. Use our AI to enter personal information and                    book your next appointment
Step 3. Use Explore to learn more about self-care                        knowledge

Due to pandemic restrictions, we could only get 5 for the testings. After first low-fidelity wireframe, we tested it with 5 users with the figma clickable prototype.

5/5 users did not fill the insurance information because that was too much task

4/5 users can’t find the price and do not know how to use the AI bot


3/5 did not understand the icons at the task

Prperation or Prototype

​Wireframing & Ideation

​User Journey Map and Design Opportunities 

​We use blue as the main colour scheme to represent the credibility, professionalism, and cleanliness of the medical community of Elsa. We also used nneumorphism as the overall layout design for more attractive interfaces. 

Futher Insights
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